The art of building software: What this blog is about

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What this blog is about

This blog contains my insights about the art of building software. This is an all-inclusive look at everything it takes to build truly great software. Sure I'll go over languages, technologies, platforms, APIs, movements, battles and wars, winners and losers, and so on. But just as importantly, I'll be discussing how groups of people can organize themselves and create a software development culture that consistently produces award winning, best-in-class, highly profitable and successful software. This builds a sustainable business model because you create a barrier to entry and competitive advantage in the form of your own unique software development culture. This is very hard to steal, and it's also amazingly hard to emulate. And it shines right through your brand equity and directly touches your customers, and your bottom line.

I'll also be touching on important industry trends and governmental issues from a global perspective. Europe, Asia, Africa, Israel, Russia and Australia (just to name a few) are all important places to monitor. Search engine wars, and the massive cat and mouse games played by hackers, script kiddies, and software developers world wide.

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